SS Maria dei Termini’s Sanctuary (XV -XVI cent.)

The church is devoted to SS Maria dei Termini that some papers of the past mentioned as Madonna de’ Tremiti. An ancient holy source says that the place of cult was built in the XI century by the will of the Norman Roger of Altavilla. From the site on which the Church lies, the view of the whole Gulf of Squillace, the high mountains of the Sila and those of the Serre Ioniche are wide visible. The church was erected to sanctuary on 1992. A valuable door aperture with portic, paved with granite stones, opens from the austere façade, typology that in Calabria during the XV-XVI centuries was related to Franciscan order’s buildings. The portal of entry, made of local stone, is characterized by patterns of flat relief.
The layout of the building takes to the little churches of the medieval times with their unique aisle. The apse, with rectilinear heading, is turned to north.
In its internal a holy arc separates the court from the presbytery which is overhung by a dome. The single altar hosts the Maria SS dei Termini’statue that, according to the legend, was retrieved in sea. A painting portrays the Holy Family while another one portrays Saint Rocco (this would refer to the Cefali’s School in Cortale). On the vault a mural painting, realized in the second half of the ‘900, represents the Blessed Virgo Mary assumption which reproduces a Titian’s canvas existing in Santa Maria dei Frari in Venice. A canvas representing the Madonna dei Termini was discoverd inside the Matrix Church on 2008.

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